NAT Respectfully Reminds Tourists to Please Hydrate this Summer

Native American Tours is the only booking software company in the United States owned and operated by Native Americans.  As such, many of our clients are popular outdoor tours on Tribal lands.  These tours offer visitors a glimpse of some of the most iconic, and most photographed, natural wonders in the world.  However, they also […]

Learn to Code

While access to technology has long been a major obstacle for Native Americans, more opportunities are slowly arising that could allow for more Indigenous youth to pursue a career in web development, coding or AI. Native owned software companies, like Native American Tours, are looking to lead the way. The Challenge While there has not […]

Unconquered: The remarkable history and triumph of the Seminole Tribe

The story of the Seminole Tribe of Florida – the only tribe in America that has never signed a peace treaty – is one of the great Indigenous success stories in American history. Their strength, resilience and determination would form the foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines them today. The Origins of the Seminole What is […]

Re-Discovering Monument Valley

Native American lands in the southwest United States offer some of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere in the world. Antelope Canyon, located within the Navajo Nation, sees in excess of 2 million visitors a year who come to witness one of the most photographed places on Earth. The Grand Canyon, located partially on Havasupai […]

The Rich Heritage of Native New England

New England is one of the most abundant regions in the country when it comes to observing and preserving American history. Cities like Boston, Providence, Portsmouth, Lexington, and dozens of others feature countless homes, schools and churches that date back hundreds of years, in some cases 400 years. Visitors can immerse themselves in history, reliving […]

Indigenous Canada

In understanding and researching indigenous history, it is sometimes easy to forget that people lived and thrived throughout all of North America dating back to prehistoric times – not just within what is now the United States. That’s one reason Canada is often overlooked as a tourist destination for those seeking to explore and experience […]

Northern Rockies

Want to really get away? The vast Native American lands of the Northern Rockies are waiting for you Sometimes you just need a break. While visiting big cities, giant amusement parks or crowded events may seem like a great vacation to some, others need a vacation where they can unplug, take in the Great American […]

Oklahoma: First Nation in the Heartland

Perhaps nowhere else in the United States can you get a more in-depth look at Native American history than in one of the original “Indian Territories” itself – Oklahoma. No less than 67 Tribal nations have called Oklahoma home, some of which date back as far as 14,000 years ago – the time of the […]

Florida – Archaeological Treasure of the Southeast

There’s more to Florida Than Disney World Tell most people that you are taking a vacation in Florida, and they’ll probably assume you’re headed to Disney World, or maybe SeaWorld.  Perhaps even Universal Studios or the Florida Keys. But for history buffs, outdoor adventurers and tourists looking for a more personally enriching and cultural experience, Florida is also home to […]

Alaska: The Largest, and Most Overlooked, Tourist Destination of the North

Of the 574 Native American tribes legally recognized by the United States, 231 are located in Alaska. There are few places anywhere in the world where someone can experience so many different tribal cultures and traditions, all within one of the most scenic and breathtaking natural wonders on Earth. Native Alaska has it all. On […]