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Native American Tours (NAT) is more than just an all-inclusive ticketing platform. We are a Native American owned company founded to help lift up the entire Native American community.

After seeing so many Native-owned tour operators struggle in the wake of COVID-19, we set out to build the most user-friendly, secure and convenient booking software on the market today - designed specifically for Native tour operators.

And while other ticketing software companies seem to disappear as soon as a tour operator signs a contract, NAT remains a full partner, committed to helping our clients grow their business to new heights, while helping to rebuild the Native tourism economy so all our people reap the benefits from it.

The founders of NAT not only own and operate one of the most popular tour companies in the US, but are also the founders of one of the country’s premier Native-owned digital marketing agencies. Because NAT understands the importance and value of the right digital marketing (such as SEO) for attracting new customers, we offer these services to our partners - for free. You read that right - FREE


Tourism is the economic lifeblood of most Native American nations and lands. By helping our clients reach more potential visitors - at no additional cost - we are bringing in more revenue and economic opportunity to Tribal lands and our Native small business clients. On top of that, NAT dedicates 10% of all our net revenue towards reputable Native American charities that help provide food, electricity and other necessities to Tribal community members in need.

Every operator that utilizes NAT will not only get a state of the art, easy to use platform that customers love, but will receive expert digital marketing services that helps their website rank higher on Google, and drive more people interested in visiting Native cultural attractions to their website at no additional cost. All our partners will not only help grow their local economies, but help lift countless other Tribal members out of poverty.

We all win together - That is what NAT is all about.

All-in-one, state-of-the-art booking

An easier way to manage bookings


Simple, user friendly interface. Makes booking a tour easy and convenient.


Secure payment processing with immediate confirmation.


Manageable and organized. All your bookings, revenue and costs are easily categorized and organized in one place. Your accountant will thank you.


Lighting quick. Customers will have no fear of losing out on popular tours and times while the system is processing.


Superior customer service. Have an issue? Call us. An actual human will answer the phone.


Switch to NAT, get more customers. Take advantage of free marketing tools to help reach more potential tourists about your tour and attractions.

We're on a mission to empower tour companies and local economies with the industry's most powerful, modern, and easy-to-use software.

Booking software designed by Native business owners, for Native business owners

Native American Tours is the only booking software that is specifically suited to Native tour operators and Native events and promotions. Tourism and events are the driving economic force in Indian Country and it is in all our best interest to ensure that these small businesses have the very best technology and marketing on the market today.

When NAT signs a partnership agreement, we immediately go to work in helping our new client market their attractions, events or activities to a wider audience. The more people learn about the wonders and cultural and spiritual significance of Indian Country, the more they will want to visit and experience them for themselves.

The NAT platform also gives tourists a user-friendly, fast and convenient way to buy their tickets and reservations. NAT gives our clients peace of mind through its highly secure and easy to navigate interface, which gives them all the information they need on a single, customizable platform.

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